Human Rights Here & Now

Celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Table of Contents




    Part III: Activities


Activity 1 - Human Beings/Human Rights

Activity 2 - A Human Rights Tree

Activity 3 - Needs and Wants

Activity 4 - Human Rights Squares

Activity 5 - A New Planet

Activity 6 - Human Rights in the News

Activity 7 - Mapping Human Rights in Our Community

Activity 8 - Comparing Rights Documents

Activity 9 - Human Rights Around the World and at Home

Activity 10 - Windows and Mirrors

Activity 11 - Giving Human Rights A Human Face

Activity 12 - Using the Amnesty Interactive CD-ROM

Activity 13 - Literature and Human Rights

Activity 14 - History and Human Rights

Activity 15 - Science,Technology, the Environment and Human Rights

Part IV: Taking Action for Human Rights

Introduction: Human Rights Education and Community Action

Ten Tips for Taking Action

Service Learning for Human Rights: Ideas for Talking

Examples of Human Rights Service Learning Projects

Action Activity 1: Creating a Human Rights Community

Action Activity 2: Stories of Students Who Took Action

Action Activity 3: Getting to Know the Activists Among Us

Action Activity 4: Strategizing for Action

Action Activity 5: The Power of the Pen

Action Activity 6: The Power of Petitions

Part V: Appendices

Human Rights Education Resource List

Human Rights Organizations

A Human Rights Glossary


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