OMOD Organisasjonen Mot Offentlig Diskriminering (Instituition Against Public Discrimination) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization located in Oslo, Norway. We were founded in 1992 and we are financed by the Norwegian Parliament. Our main work focuses on promoting civil and human rights as well as equal opportunities for cultural/racial minorities and immigrants who are residing in Norway.

Our main objectives fall into the following categories:

We provide information, advice, and assistance to organisations and instituitions in the area of race relations. Serve as an ombudsman against instituitional discrimination and alleged breaches of civil and human rights in Norway.

We scrutinize the central and local government's rules/policies and the implementation of these rules/policies in relationship to minorities and immigrants.

We highlight problems and engage the leadership of the various instituitions in Norway who have the power to make positive changes in regards to minorities and immigrants. Because of this role, the situation can sometimes be of a political nature, thus making it necessary for us to engage with politicians and/or political parties.

We give direct assistance to people who find themselves in difficulties or who have faced discrimination from the government or state instituitions. Legal aid is also a part of this assistance.

We offer government and private instituitions strategic development with regards to diversity management. This includes minority, cultural, social/political and economic issues.


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